Why ALIA Labs?

Collaboration with Impact

Whether you need a plan for the future or an immediate solution, we are your partner in using research backed, and data-informed frameworks to move forward with confidence.


You need a strategy to plan your future. You have to adapt; you have to change. Your team needs a better way to collaborate. Your team needs the proper tools and data to make solid decisions quickly. Whether you need a plan for the future or an immediate solution, we are your partner in using data to excel and move forward with confidence.

Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a plan and a vision. We collaborate with our partners to build that key vision and develop strategies for the future. We construct key performance indicators that measure growth and communicate progress. We collaborate with staff to ensure buy-in and commitment to the future success of the organization.

Change Management

Change can be difficult. We focus on building trust and confidence to mitigate the difficulties of change. We lead change initiatives by developing tactics that will remove barriers and enable smoother transitions. We focus on building strong agents of change, stakeholder involvement, training protocols, and transparent communication.

Team Development

An organization’s effectiveness is often based on the strength of its teams. We collaborate with organizations to strengthen teams as well as bolster individual employee development. We integrate formal and informal leadership development as a key methodology to enhance organizational effectiveness and team unity.

Performance Management

Sometimes internal traditions and perspectives can hinder an organization’s growth mindset and ability to innovate. We listen to organizations, map their processes, and evaluate culture to enhance and innovate. Our focus on effective communication helps articulate mission impact and performance metrics to funders and stakeholders.


Projects and programs are often catalysts for social change and community development. We assess the performance of projects and programs to improve effectiveness and impact. Our team gathers detailed information on project activities, and how to address any gaps with realistic recommendations for keeping projects on track.

Projects & Methods

We use our diverse expertise to solve “wicked” problems.

Nonprofits and NGOs

We facilitate solutions for improved services to your communities and increase your funding streams.

We evaluate your organizational culture in order to build unity and align your mission with your values and outcomes.

Working with the International NGOs in India for the Promise of the Commons.


We help in assessing how to allocate your resources for the greatest mission impact.

We apply research methodology and data to show the way forward and find ways to collaborate.

Developing a process to capture the impact of non-profit work.

Teaching and Learning Communities

We work with research universities and other communities in education to identify their strengths, departmental priorities and needed adjustments to support students and faculty.

We help improve your standing, collaborations and academic effectiveness.

Working with the Brown School of Washington University in St. Louis to assess their organizational culture and leadership tendencies.


We collaborate with your organization to create strategic plans, build team cultures and improve your employee performance and satisfaction.

We offer leadership development training and facilitate workshops that teach how to create positive influence within your organization and manage conflict.

Using the system dynamics approach to map team dynamics and create a strategic plan in an organization.

Research and Data Management

We utilize data-informed - not data-driven - methodologies. Accurate information must also be relevant information. Our professional design and analysis give organizations a solid foundation for exploring options available to meet their needs.

Working with the Brown School of Washington University in St. Louis to assess their organizational culture and leadership tendencies.


ALIA Labs was founded to help intent align with impact in the public service sector. The founders recognized that their unique skills could be combined to be a force for servant leadership, good works, and successful organizations.

Data provides a valuable input to understanding potential solutions for an organization’s challenges but relying on data-driven decisions alone can lead to disastrous outcomes. ALIA Labs collaborates with organizations to maximize data in service of meeting challenges and determining context of actionable options. We believe that you CAN handle the truth, and you can improve outcomes through our data-informed approach.

Quantifying community impact can be difficult, but it is what we are passionate about doing. We can help an organization design infrastructure, craft an impactful narrative, and provide informed support to better achieve your goal.

ALIA Labs relies on researched frameworks and established data standards established across the world. Whether we are helping to build compliance towards international SDGs (sustainable development goals) or a more focused project, we can use proven approaches to get you closer to your mission.

Bios \ ALIA Team info


Aaron Addison

Aaron serves as the managing partner of ALIA Labs. He leads projects and workshops and strategizes with core team members and consultants. His 30-year career has focused on bridging the gap between technology and leadership. Beginning in the private sector and then moving to the non-profit world over 15 years ago, he has extensive leadership, strategy and administrative experience working with premier higher education institutions, NGOs and non-profits across the US and internationally. His passion is working with organizations to leverage data-informed frameworks and tools for problem solving. He is known for being able to translate complex topics into actionable information and his willingness to pitch in and do whatever needs to be done on a project. He's earned his MBA at Washington University in St. Louis and M.S. in Geographic Information Science from Northwest Missouri State University. Aaron enjoys leading caving exploration / cave mapping expeditions as well as spending time with his wife and daughters.


Lee Koelliker

Lee brings knowledge and experience to ALIA around strategic planning and coaching organizations as agents of change. He leads workshops, strategizes with cohorts, and provides many resources to the team. As a faculty member, executive leader, and senior administrator, Lee has spent over 12 years working in higher education and with nonprofits. For the last several years, Lee has consulted with international NGOs, universities, research centers, finance departments, and non-profits in strategic planning, leadership development, community-based system dynamics, organizational effectiveness, and change management in order to engender growth and innovation within organizational partners across the globe.    In that role, Lee has developed a keen expertise in organizational strategy, process improvement, and leading change initiatives.   Lee earned an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, an MA from Brandeis University in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, as well as a Certificate in Change Management from Cornell University.   In his free time, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, cooking with molecular gastronomy techniques, and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  


Inna Kouper

Dr. Kouper brings data analysis and communications expertise to ALIA. She studies data practices in research teams, organizations, and communities. Her research focuses on the challenges of data management and analytics. She designs systems that enable sharing and preservation of evidence used in making decisions and knowledge claims. In addition to her interdisciplinary research expertise, Inna brings years of experience in project management, monitoring, and evaluation. Leading and managing large research projects, she works with diverse stakeholders to increase the projects’ impact and align their vision with implementation and assessment. She is an active member of such data organizations as the Midwest Big Data Hub and the Research Data Alliance. She has a PhD in information science from the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University Bloomington and a PhD in sociology from the Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.


Amy Meier

At ALIA, Amy leads workshops and skill building. She specializes in communications and direct service knowledge at ALIA. Her career has involved connecting community to resources. In the nonprofit sector she has collaborated with allies and directly served members of under resourced communities to meet socio-economic challenges. She’s overseen 100+ food pantries in Appalachia, and facilitated completion of hundreds of personal assessment interviews and formal documentation for purposes of eligibility and advocacy. Amy has developed and led workshops on political framing, values, poverty simulations, political advocacy, direct outreach utilizing federal programs, and consulted for non-profit impact outreach improvement.   Her food security work led her to the Congressional Management Foundation's Advocacy Academy in Washington D.C. where she advocates for policy change directly with members of Congress. She earned her Master's of Public Affairs from Western Carolina University with a special interest in social justice, environmental protection, and political framing. Amy is also an author and artist; enjoys time with her family and being in nature.

Collaboration with Impact


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